The Genie and the Lamp

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Namaste from India! As Aladdin is hitting our screens, here’s something I wrote several years ago…

The Genie and the Lamp

“You have three wishes!” he proclaimed.

“I’ll grant your heart’s desire!”

“I want to fall in love!” I said,

“I want to feel on fire!”


Lo and behold, I fell too quick

And soon became obsessed.

With somebody who failed to be as

Equally impressed.


And so I called my genie friend,

And told him that, instead,

My ideal guy should think I was

The best thing since sliced bread.


Hey presto! Such a man appeared

To brighten up the dark.

But still, behind those starry eyes,

I couldn’t feel that spark.


I called my genie back, with “You know

Full well what I mean!

I want to fall head over heels

With someone just as keen!”


The genie smirked, and magicked up

The lover of my life.

And we were living fairy tales

Until I met his wife.


I shouted for my genie.

I cried. I cursed my fate.

I said, “I want another wish!”

But he said, “It’s too late.”


© Joanna Rubery 2017