The List

The List

[I belong to an online writing group, and each month we write a story with a theme and a word count. This time, we were asked to write about ‘The List’ in exactly 1500 words.]

It’s unexpected, the text. So unexpected that when I glance at the number, I nearly drop my phone.

I’m sorry, Sarah. My heart crashes into my ribs. I’m sorry about everything.

I can’t believe I’m reading this. I can’t believe –

Are you free tonight?

I take a quick breath in and start to choke.

“Hey,” says Rochelle, from the window, “Take it easy,” and she comes over, hovering uneasily.

I wave her off, but I feel like I’ve been hit over the head. My fingers prickle with adrenaline.

“Bad news?” asks Rochelle. She’s doe-eyed and dainty, the kind of woman I’ll never be.

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